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Sunday Sharing

Planning Changing Thriving


Last July when I started this journey I made the commitment to myself to grow within and love the skin that I live in. I promised myself that I would travel; take my health back and always be kind to myself and to plan.

Planning has always been hard for me. My soul gravitates towards being spontaneous with each and every moment I can find; which is comical because I have always planned for others professionally and with family and friends. So, I could never figure out why it was so hard.

When it comes to planning for me, myself and I, it has always felt like suffocation and control. I feel like I would plan and plan, but the action never stayed consistent. What I have found is that it wasn’t about the planning; it was about how all the tools I found were designed. The Planning model to me has always felt so rigid. That’s why I was always searching for the magic plan, that one plan that would roll me into action and solve all my problems.

During this past year I have been breathing and thinking a lot. Listening to myself speak and how certain things made me feel inside my heart and brain. The things I loved I kept and the things that didn’t serve me I freed. I’m still doing this, I believe this is the way I’m meant to plan and live. I feel light, not suffocated. Learning to love myself, be kind to myself and share the message that everyone is beautiful and unique. That the very first step to change is to start with the commitment of anything you set out to do will be from a place of love and kindness for yourself.

So, yes I plan “Swiss” style. My style, taking a little bit of this and that that I find along the way in this beautiful thing we call life.  No magic answers, no best way, no E book coming your way, just sharing these words with you and what has been life changing for me in my weight loss , fitness and soul journey.



I’m My Why

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 In July 2018 I joined WW for the last time. I have been up-and-down on the scale all my life ever since I can remember. My highest weight was 240 my lowest weight was 124. My self-love was 0.

This time I knew it was going to be different from day one. There was just this overall feeling of well-being. From the very beginning I knew that this had to be a journey that was not just one of weight loss. It had to be a journey of wellness, one where I was focusing on my health, fitness and spiritual and personal growth.

I knew that this time I had to work on my inner thoughts. I had to work on being kinder to myself and loving myself and practice self-care daily. I knew that if I did not work on of these three things, that I like to call the trifecta, I wouldn’t crack the code of being healthy in mind, body and spirit for myself.

So, this January 2019 when WW posted its #7daysforeverybody on Instagram, I started to revisit my why. Initially I was going to name my children and my granddaughter as my why. But an overall feeling came over me; a feeling that moved me to say to myself; “You are your why.”

And at that very moment I was scared, I felt vulnerable, and I wanted to just stop and avoid that feeling, because I don’t usually put myself first. Every time I’ve lost weight or try to work on some type of wellness it was never for me. It was either for a spouse, partner or for appearances.

But at that moment I knew that I had evolved. I had finally found what wellness meant, it did not mean weight-loss. For me to be whole I need to make myself a priority, and love myself. This journey is for me. I know now that by choosing myself as my why everyone else in my life will benefit because I will be giving from a cup that’ s overflowing instead of giving from a cup that is completely empty.

So yes, my why is


Alexandrea Reina